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Celsius Graduation

History of Celsius company

Our customers are engaged in a curse in favour of health and well-being of people. We are proud to take part in the work of this industry through bringing safe, adapted and efficient device

Start-up of CELSIUS company

2006 – Alain Vallageas creates the company CELSIUS after 30 years of experiences in the manufacture of unit machines, installation of process, engineering and project management for heavy industries, light industries, environmental industries, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The main product is the “Energy Control Unit”, which is used to regulate the temperature of synthetic reactors, the primary market for which is pharmaceutical industries. The users are SANOFI, GUERBET, BASF, SYNGENTA, MINAKEM, BERKEM, PCAS…

Opening a metalworking plant

2008 – Creation of a piping and metalworking plant, at the same address, so that CELSIUS controls the assembly of its devices from start to finish.

Vegetable extraction new process

2011 – Patent for the process of extracting natural molecules using liquefied gases as solvents. The target market is still that of active pharmaceutical ingredients, but it is extended to cosmetics, perfumery, flavorings and food supplements.

2012 – Presentation of the 500-liter demonstration prototype for vegetable extraction with liquefied gases.

2013 – Registration of the NECTACEL brand in Europe

2018 – After several papers in scientific publications, publication in “Techniques de l’Ingénieur” of an article on the NECTACEL process for the extraction of natural molecules using liquefied gases as solvents.

2021 – CELSIUS released outside laboratories, the vegetable extraction process assisted by ultrasonic waves, by design, manufacture and start-up an ATEX industrial extraction unit 200 litres capacity.

Business developement in China

2015 – Registration of the CELSIUS and NECTACEL brands in China

2016 – Signing of a commercial agreement and a transfer of technology with Shandong Huge for the licensed construction in China of CELSIUS equipment for the Chinese market.

Our values

CIMO 037-800

Meeting requirements

Listening to user needs is necessary for the construction of specific, suitable, complete and directly usable equipment. CELSIUS internally manages all the knowledge required for the construction of its equipment. We thus guarantee to meet regulatory norms as well as the highest quality standards requested by the professions of our clients.

105-Syngenta 011_800


Our company is in perpetual research of the future needs of the process industries. By implementing our know-how in process engineering and our knowledge of the laws of thermodynamics we build and offer solutions to overcome the future challenges of the fields of health and well-being.


Technical control of our processes

We understand what we are doing. With the physical, chemical and thermodynamic modeling of our processes, we simulate the process in advance, optimize the design and master safety. Our own automation equipment is complemented by simulation software to anticipate and collect experience.

Key numbers

351295 litres

of reactive mass which temperature is controled every day by Energy Control Units from CELSIUS


low temperature record in cryogenic reactor controled by Energy Control Unit from Celsius

9125 km

distance as the crow flies between our head office and the furthest CELSIUS equipment


Our products are certified


Process and device for extracting molecules

We have patented our isothermal and isobaric process for extracting natural molecules using liquefied gases. This low temperature and low pressure process, without pump or compressor, allows almost all of the solvent to be recycled

Certificat ATEX Nectacel

ATEX certificate for NECTACEL units

CELSIUS is authorized to build plant extraction units for ATEX explosive atmospheres.
The NECTACEL extraction units are delivered with a CE company plate and a CE certificate of conformity according to ATEX 2014/34/EU and PED 2014/68/EU

Certificat ATEX modules d'énergies

ATEX certificate for Energy Control Units

CELSIUS is authorized to build Energy Control Units intended to be operated in an explosive ATEX atmosphere.
The CELSIUS Energy Control Unit are delivered with a CE firm plate and a CE certificate of conformity according to DESP 2014/68/EU and if necessary ATEX 2014/34/EU

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